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A woman in Scotland was driving home from shopping when she saw a bird on the road: green body, red head. It wasn't a parrot. It was a Christmas hat.
Twitter users around the world can turn on and off lights at a holiday display in New Jersey. Tweet #brilliant#twinkle to @Oxmas—Tree to light the display and tweet #figgyypudding to turn them off.
The holiday season is a big time of year for charitable giving. Host Audie Cornish speaks with NPR's Shankar Vedantam about a study that says portion of charitable giving is driven by social pressure.
Joe Cocker....
The British singer, who won American hearts for his performance at Woodstock, died of lung cancer.
With our digital lives just a hack away from being released in the world, do we really want to store all our information in perpetuity? That's the question raised by New York Times technology columnist Farhad Manjoo.
Cookbook author Dorie Greenspan says she makes a "Franco-American" buche de ...
In Paris, holiday buche de Noel cakes verge on art. Cookbook author Dorie Greenspan has created her own Franco-American version that's fun to make and "just as good as birthday cake," she says.