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Yale professor and author Stephen Carter says the agreement is so complex, something is bound to go wrong — but that doesn't make it a bad deal. He speaks with NPR's Scott Simon.
Frontrunner Hillary Clinton joined the four candidates challenging her for the nomination in Iowa on Friday. Each was given 15 minutes to make a pitch.
NPR's Scott Simon and ESPN's Howard Bryant discuss body image in sports. While Serena Williams was winning Wimbledon, some people seemed to focus on her appearance rather than her victory.
The critics have already weighed in on Go Set A Watchman. Now regular readers have had a chance to assess Harper Lee's new book. We hear reactions from Lee's home state of Alabama.
The International Atomic Energy Agency can have 130 to 150 inspectors to keep tabs on Iran's nuclear program. The U.S. is paying the largest share, but probably won't have inspectors inside Iran.
The skull of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, who directed the vampire movie Nosferatu, has disappeared from his grave in Germany.