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The new route will bypass the area where 16 Sherpa guides were killed last year, and perhaps offer a safer path to the summit. Renee Montagne talks to Pete Athans, a veteran of Everest.
Having had enough of postponements due to recent snow storms, the Andover Newton Theological School put out a statement jokingly suggesting it would postpone Lent a week.
On Groundhog Day in Sun Prairie, Wis., Mayor Jonathan Freund got bit by the rodent and the video went viral. This week he lost a primary election, finishing third in a field of three
The forced withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from a strategically important town in eastern Ukraine is a blow to the recent ceasefire agreement — and to President Petro Poroshenko.
U.S. officials say young Somali Americans are leaving the Twin Cities for Syria to join the group ISIS. Just a few years ago young Somali men in Minneapolis had disappeared and turned up with the terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia. U.S. officials say that some of the young men who joined Shabab in that first exodus are encouraging their friends in the Twin Cities to go to Syria. They also say there is a recruiter on the ground who is facilitating travel.
Earlier this week, Mayor Marty Walsh warned Bostonians to stop jumping from second-story windows into snowbanks. "This isn't Loon Mountain," he said, "This is Boston."