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NPR's Melissa Block talks to tournament director Karen Kimaki about the inaugural Quidditch European Games, taking place this weekend in Sarteano, Italy.
A shop owner arranges his goods in central Athens on Monday. Greek banks hav...
They're facing a double whammy. Not only do customers have less money to spend, but businesses can no longer pay their foreign suppliers for goods and raw materials. Many fear they'll have to close.
NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, about the high level of gun deaths in the state of Louisiana.
As Secretary of Defense Ash Carter visits the region, Saudi Arabia seems to have changed its mind about the nuclear deal between Iran, the U.S. and other world powers.
A concentration camp survivor seeks a reunion with the husband who may have betrayed her in a new film set in post-war Berlin. Critic David Edelstein calls Phoenix a "morbidly romantic drama."
Lloyd Schwartz discusses the timeless appeal of the late choreographer George Balanchine. "[He] was our Shakespeare. ... watching a Balanchine ballet is like watching music come alive," he says.