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The Oklahoma City Thunder may have lost Kevin Durant for the season. Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the week in sports.
New York City is home to more than 700 languages — not to mention distinct New Yorker accents. All are in danger of being lost as the city's population continues to change.
How do you hang your toilet paper? Over or under? Well, as NPR's Scott Simon points out, the debate is over: The original patent shows clearly how your roll should look.
Randy Olson's algorithm devised the optimal driving route to 50 tourist spot...
Planning your next road trip? A Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University has an algorithm that will plot the best route to take to see any number of sites. But it won't plan your bathroom breaks.
Kraft Foods recently announced a massive recall of its macaroni and cheese. The company — and the processed food industry in general — are hitting some stressful times.
Melissa Block speaks with Christopher Bartlett, who is coordinating food security and agriculture response to Cyclone Pam for Vanuatu. He says the nation needs food aid until it can harvest crops.