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The new head of the World Health Organization's Africa region predicts the Ebola outbreak will end by this fall. But the world must remain vigilant until transmission has completely stopped, she says.
After releasing the new Marvel superhero series, Daredevil, which features a blind hero, Netflix has added audio description options to the show.
Humorist and Boston Red Sox Poet Laureate Dick Flavin recites "Teddy at the ...
Dick Flavin is an Emmy-award winning broadcaster, a PA announcer at Fenway Park and the Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox.
Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news: Non-surprise Announcement; The More The Merrier; Special Delivery.
Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: The Whine and Crab.
Our panelists tell three stories about someone getting away with something major because no one was paying attention.