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At the contest in Key West, Fla., Charlie Boice's beard was white enough, and on the 15th try, he won. He beat a field that included the husband of celebrity cook Paula Deen.
San Francisco requires health warnings on soda. The American Beverage Association sued — contending a warning label violates the First Amendment by interfering with the "free market of ideas."
Bomba Estereo's latest album is called Amanecer....
After a decade of music, the electro-cumbia band from Bogotá is expanding its vision. Simón Mejía discusses the group's major-label debut, Amanecer.
National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry, shown in Kuwait in 1991, say...
In 1984, Steve McCurry was in Pakistan covering a refugee crisis for National Geographic. Captivated by a young girl's eyes, he clicked the shutter — and took one of the magazine's most iconic photos.
The state's loose civil forfeiture laws allow authorities to seize funds and property without charges. Alleged abuses include using funds to pay off an assistant district attorney's student loans.
In Marvel's latest superhero movie, filmmakers had to portray the insects as realistic yet relatable. Two myrmecologists, or ant scientists, weigh in on whether the attempt was successful.