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Chad Lawson's new album is The Chopin Variations....
Chad Lawson needed to find a way to record at home while his children slept. The result is The Chopin Variations, a set of Chopin works with an intimate, otherworldly sound.
In order to secure a career as a stunt woman, Georgia Durante would show up ...
Georgia Durante's career as a stunt driver has led to roles in car commercials and movies. But before the bright lights of Hollywood, the former model was speeding away from a dark past.
Scientists hope NASA's MAVEN probe, arriving Sunday night, will provide insight into why the Martian climate changed drastically billions of years ago. It may help explain Earth's climate changes too.
Michael Emberley's illustrations, like this one showing an egg traveling thr...
It's Perfectly Normal, a 20-year-old illustrated sex-ed book for kids, is meant to teach children about sexual health, puberty and relationships. It's one of the most banned books in America.
Along with the violence, the political landscape is also chaotic in Libya. Mary Fitzgerald from the Irish Times speaks with NPR's Arun Rath about the militias and Libya's embattled parliament.
John Abdallah Wambere applied for asylum in the U.S. after Uganda passed a harsh anti-gay law earlier this year. His application has now been recommended for approval, pending a background check.