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The Afghan government said Wednesday that Taliban leader Mullah Omar "died in April 2013 in Pakistan." The news comes just as peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban are due to resume.
In some places in the U.S., many kids end up in juvenile hall because of minor probation violations. But in Wayne County, Mich., the system has reduced rates through a therapeutic approach.
Johanna Fernández, co-curator of a new exhibition about the Young Lords, po...
Inspired by the Black Panthers, the Young Lords were formed in New York City by a group of Puerto Rican youth in 1969. Their history is now on display in a new exhibition.
Shares of households with debt, by generation...
The silent generation is still paying off mortgages, and baby boomers aren't done with student loans. A new study by Pew Charitable Trusts also shows fewer millennials are taking on mortgages.
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with KUCB reporter John Ryan about how protesters are trying to block Shell's plan to drill in the Arctic by keeping a Shell icebreaker from leaving Portland, Ore.
'Malign' is the buzzword of the moment among administration officials to describe Iran's activities in the region. NPR takes a look at the use of the word.