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The U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana Monday. Wayne S. Smith was there when it closed in 1961. He was later in charge of the U.S. Interests Section. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Smith.
Outside one of the crime scenes in Chattanooga, the community has created a memorial for the military men who died in Thursday's shooting. Nearby is another tribute, in an unexpected place.
Sunday Puzzle....
Change a letter in each word to make two new words. The letter you change must be in the same position in each word. And the letter you change each of them to will be the same letter of the alphabet.
Jacqueline Whitt says in order to turn her life around and get her kids back...
As President Obama pushes to overhaul the criminal justice system, three former inmates share what it's like to strive for success on the outside — and what it takes to leave an old life behind.
The Turkish television industry is booming. Audience numbers spike at the end of Ramadan, when viewers around the world tune in in massive numbers — but there's year-round enthusiasm, too.