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In the mountains outside Kathmandu, little aid has reached the victims. About 95 percent of residents there are living outdoors because structures are not safe. Rain has added to their misery.
Baltimore is a usually friendly city, where strangers are often addressed as "hon." It's also where stores were looted and cars burned following Monday's funeral for Freddie Gray.
On Tuesday, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court sparred, skewered and probed the legal arguments on gay marriage. But at the end of a tumultuous day, there still was no certainty about the outcome.
Among those caught up by Nepal's devastating earthquake, were hundreds of tourists. Those included four hikers from California, who were trapped in a small mountain village.
A curfew went into effect Tuesday night in Baltimore in hopes of controlling violent outbursts. Riots Monday left at least 20 officers injured and several buildings damaged.
The singing by the former Kingsmen's was so hard to understand, the FBI conducted an investigation into whether the lyrics were obscene. The FBI concluded: unintelligible at any speed.