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A major dam in northern Iraq, near the city of Mosul, is the latest flashpoint. Kurdish officials say their forces have driven militants from the dam. The militants say they're fighting to hang on.
When locals in Liberia's capital attacked suspected Ebola patients, a Getty images photographer happened to be at the scene. Kelly McEvers talks to John Moore about what he witnessed over the weekend.
Fighting has intensified near two major cities held by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. In Berlin, a meeting on a cease-fire ended without any breakthrough.
An analysis by two economists finds that winners of the medal, the most significant prize in mathematics, become significantly less productive in their chosen field of study after they win the prize.
For our look at summer poetry, we turn to Charlotte Boulay, a Philadelphia-based poet, with "The End of Summer." She offers a poem that, on its surface, is about an idyllic activity: taking a nap.
The Vatican says the pope ran out of time during a stop to bless disabled children and the elderly. The pope told the crowd if the helicopter doesn't take off on time, we might smash into a mountain.