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Delta Air Lines is building up its Seattle operation into a gateway to Asia. That's good for Western travelers but not so good for the bottom line of Delta's partner, Seattle-based Alaska Airlines.
It's part of an interactive street festival that's transforming 2 city blocks into custom video games. They're played on giant LED screens and accompanied by Colorado Symphony Orchestra musicians.
The death penalty is in trouble — drug shortages, botched executions and lawsuits are calling the idea of a "humane" execution into question. Some states are returning to previously abandoned methods.
The movie brilliantly tells the story of how an Italian-owned pizzeria becomes a flashpoint for racial unrest in one of New York City's poorest neighborhoods, Bedford-Stuyvesant.
Sanch Belmot, 85, missed the 1950 World Cup final to be with his dying mom. Brazil lost that match. His old ticket will go into a museum in exchange for 3 tickets to this year's final.
The U.S. has banned the import of Scotland's national dish for decades because it contains sheep's lung. Britain will make the case to the U.S. Agriculture secretary to lift that ban on haggis.