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After a two-day meeting, Federal Reserve policymakers say they will be "patient" before starting to raise interest rates from historically low levels.
A customer picks up a block of butter at a food store in Tokyo on Nov. 10th....
For the Japanese, Christmastime means sponge cake. But a nationwide butter shortage has lead to mandatory butter rationing, forcing cake bakers to seek out substitutes.
We hear Cuban-American reaction and some of what Cuban President Raul Castro had to say today.
Melissa Block talks to Steve Wicary, a freelance journalist based in Havana, about reactions on the ground in Cuba, to the announcement that the U.S. and Cuba will normalize relations.
Signaling what could be a major shift in U.S. relations with Cuba, Gross, who has been jailed in Cuba for five years, will be released, while the U.S. will release three Cubans.
Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker says Black Messiah is as adventurous as any fan could hope for.