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Proponents of the taxes say that if the measures pass, the money would be di...
Voters will decide on a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks in Berkeley and a 2-cent-per-ounce tax in San Francisco. But the soda industry's lobbying group has spent millions blasting the measures.
Chef Watson generates recipes for the user based on the ingredients the pers...
IBM's supercomputer plays a mean game of chess and has crushed Jeopardy! Now chefs are using Watson to come up with new kinds of recipes that work around dietary restrictions and other limitations.
The new app Dorothy will allow you to control your smartphone with a click of your heels. A small device called Ruby slips into your shoe and communicates with your phone to make it do things like ring or text.
In war zones, private contractors can outnumber U.S. troops, but who controls them? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Stanford's Joseph Felter and journalist Pratap Chatterjee about current safeguards.
New York and New Jersey are ordering that all medical workers returning from Ebola-hit nations to be quarantined at home upon their return. But federal officials say the mandate will likely have a chilling effect on the already troubled effort to recruit U.S. health care workers to fight the epidemic.
Incumbent President Dilma Rousseff won a narrow re-election in Sunday's runoff, a result that reflects the deep political and economic divide in Brazil.