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As the clock runs on a Nov. 24 deadline for a deal limiting Iran's nuclear program, talks are more secretive and pressure from deal opponents is intensifying.
The federal health exchange website is live this week for window shopping and people will begin to purchase new health insurance there on Saturday. But the Affordable Care Act still has many political and legal challenges ahead.
The federal government is shutting down cod fishing in the Gulf of Maine for the next six months. But fishermen, who now face an uncertain future, dispute the government's cod counts.
George W. Bush also uses the new book to reflect on his own legacy. On Wednesday's Morning Edition you can hear his thoughts about his decisions on Iraq and the current situation there.
The Federal Communications Commission is getting ready to auction off more broadcast spectrum and that has the folks who use wireless microphones very worried.
Ouch! Jeffrey Craig Hopper got good emergency treatment after being hit in t...
When Jennifer Hopper's husband was hit in the eye with a baseball, she rushed him to a hospital she knew was within their insurance plan. Then the ER doctor sent her an extra bill for more than $700.