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Bilal's latest album is In Another Life....
Soul, jazz, hip-hop and a complex mix of themes all have their moment on Bilal's new album, but there's one unifying constant: an old-school production style.
California lawmakers have decided to tighten the criteria for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children. But some parents resent officials telling them how to care for their children.
Some opponents of same-sex marriage are vowing to fight on after Friday's Supreme Court ruling. The battles will likely take place in the lower courts and will involve religious liberty cases.
The self-declared Islamic State claimed responsibility for Friday's attack, which killed 38 people at a beach resort in Tunisia. Most of the victims were foreigners, many of them British tourists.
Researchers at the international meeting shared some surprising responses from militants who were surveyed about their motivations for embracing terrorism.
As same-sex couples legally marry elsewhere in the country, couples in these two states are facing obstacles. We hear from two Mississippi couples who had hoped to be married on Friday.