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The Reason For Flowers inside photo...
They're billboards for sexual favors, says ecologist Stephen Buchmann. But get your minds out of the dirt: We're talking pollination — and it's played a surprising role in global trade and history.
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with author and celebrity ghostwriter Hilary Liftin about her new novel, Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper. Liftin describes the process of pulling fiction from the tabloids.
The World's Greatest TV Mom answers three questions about the Ig Nobel Awards and the far, if not ridiculous, horizons of science. Originally broadcast Oct. 25, 2014.
We talk to the heavy metal superstar about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Or at least rock and roll. Originally broadcast May 18, 2013.
We've invited Jones, who starred in The Partridge Family, to play a game called "Look, it's the partridge family! GET THEM!" Originally broadcast Oct 4. 2013.
Dame Edna Everage, the creation of Australian comedian Barry Humphries, answers three questions about some farewell tours that weren't so final. Originally broadcast on Jan. 17, 2015.