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Star Wars superfan and IMDb critic Melanie McFarland tells NPR's Don Gonyea why George Lucas's career is worthy of a $1 billion museum on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive.
Geneticist Razib Kahn sequenced the entire genome of his unborn son. He tells NPR's Don Gonyea why he mapped the gene sequence and what he found: His son won't be a picky eater.
Pitcher R.A. Dickey is a rare bird in major league baseball: a master of the knuckleball. Now he's also a children's author. NPR's Don Gonyea talks with him about his new book, Knuckleball Ned.
A look at the age-old ritual where baseball fans, wielding pencil and scorecard, annotate every play of a game from the stands. The dying practice still has some hard core practitioners.
Boyfriends, or roommates? Decades ago, commercials like this 1994 Volkswagen...
Decades ago, commercials left homosexual relationships implied, in a sort of secret code. These days, gay-friendly advertisements don't feel the need to be covert.
Force's first Funny Cars are on display at the John Force Race Shop in Yorba...
Force has been drag racing professionally since 1974. The 65-year-old has gone from blowing up his 10,000-horsepower engines to winning championships, and he has all the scars to prove it.