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Photographer Sally Mann drives with her greyhound, Honey, in the early 2000s...
Mann has published pictures that show her young children naked, her husband's muscular dystrophy and dead bodies decomposing. She reflects on her life and work in a new memoir called Hold Still.
Verizon Communications says it will buy the online pioneer AOL for about $4.4 billion. The transaction will be completed this summer, and AOL will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon.
Researchers working in the southern African country of Lesotho found that offering lottery tickets to young volunteers, if they can keep themselves HIV negative, is a powerful motivator for safe sex.
Lush, green lawns are out of style in bone-dry California. The winner will get a landscaping makeover featuring drought-tolerant plants.
An investigation found that Brady was "generally aware" that New England Patriots employees were letting air out of balls. Under-inflated balls are easier to grip. The Patriots were fined $1 million.
Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday meets Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since the war in Ukraine broke out. Kerry is a true believer in face-to-face diplomacy.