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Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, said of the president's planned immigration ann...
The Republican from Idaho says actions like the one the president will take on immigration tonight "make our country less strong."
Robert Siegel talks to Israeli columnist Nahum Barnea about the recent synagogue attack in Jerusalem and its aftermath.
President Obama will be in Nevada on Friday to talk about executive action for undocumented immigrants.
A new BBC documentary shines a bright light on the so-called "Fake Sheikh," an infamous British tabloid writer who posed as a Middle Eastern sheikh and enticed people into sometimes illegal behavior.
The Simpson-Mazzoli Act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan 28 years ago this month. Republican presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush later expanded on it.
Melissa Block talks to Mark Poloncarz, the Erie County Executive, about the snow situation in his area.