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The Smithsonian has banned selfie sticks in its museums, but there's a new pro-selfie museum in Manila. It encourages visitors to "be part of art" by posing with 3-D versions of famous artworks.
Seattle area resident Joey DiJulio somehow got on an email chain for a bachelor party. But he didn't know the groom, who lives in Philadelphia. The groom decided to invite him anyway and he accepted.
Bayway Refinery in Linden, N.J., is one of two refineries that are involved ...
Gov. Chris Christie is defending the state's $225 billion settlement for decades of contamination at two refineries as a "good deal." But Democratic lawmakers and environmentalists say otherwise.
NPR's Melissa Block interviews author Eric Fish, who's forthcoming book, China's Millennials: The Want Generation, is about Li Tingting, one of the detained Chinese feminist activists. Fish says she's drawn scrutiny from authorities who will not tolerate any form of organized dissent.
This winter, the U.S. Army gathered elite international soldiers at its Northern Warfare Training Center in Alaska. The U.S. military is restructuring its forces around the world and that includes getting troops battle-ready far to the North.
Starting this month across the country, Native American tribes are now allowed to prosecute crimes against women in their own courts, even if the perpetrator is not Native American. Three tribes have been piloting ways to honor both the tribal and federal legal systems.