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The murder of state Senator Clementa Pinckney and eight others by an avowed white supremacist has led to a new push to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse grounds.
Forgiveness has been a major theme since the Charleston church shooting. David Greene talks to writer Roxane Gay, who in a New York Times opinion piece, says she can't forgive the alleged gunman.
Uber is appealing a California Labor Commission ruling that one of its drivers is an employee. Uber says he is an independent contractor. A new type of job category is emerging: dependent contractor.
The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. When it comes to Republican presidential candidates, they say the political fight over Obamacare isn't going anywhere.
America played a major role in Kosovo's fight for independence. Now, seven years after its emergence as a country, Kosovo suffers growing pains with more than half the young people unemployed.
European leaders are meeting in Brussels Friday to deal with the migrant crisis. At a squalid camp in northern France, migrants plot to stow away on trucks to cross the English Channel into Britain.