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Another temporary cease-fire is in effect between Israel and Hamas. Egypt's foreign minister is leading indirect talks and says the sides have agreed to a five-day extension.
Sayed Kashua had assimilated into Israeli society as much as any Arab could. But last month, the Arab-Israeli writer packed up and left Israel. He tells Steve Inskeep why he left Jerusalem.
A record number of African migrants have reached Spain over the past few days. More than 1,000 landed on the country's Mediterranean coast in flimsy rafts and boats.
Doctors Without Borders is preparing to re-open an Ebola isolation unit in Liberia. The country will again have two Ebola treatment centers, but Doctors Without Borders says it is still not enough.
People have been putting padlocks on a bridge over the river Seine as a symbol of their love. So many attached love locks that the weight is damaging bridge railings.
"This is actually not a prank," said the man who called in the incident near Portland, Oregon.