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Renee Montagne talks to art sociologist and writer Sarah Thornton about how the habits of the 1 percent reverberate across the art world. She is the author of 33 Artists in 3 Acts.
It's the day hard-core shoppers have been waiting for: Black Friday. Some even got a head start at the mall, shopping on Thanksgiving Day.
Great political speech-making is dying out, thanks to the sound bite and the Tweet. But oratory's essential for anyone vying for votes in Pakistan.
The tall but sparse tree in Reading, Pa., got a lot of complaints. The city decided to keep the tree but decorate it with a single red bulb.
The zoo is holding its annual festival of lights event, and large patches of the park keep plunging into darkness. Squirrels are chewing through the light strands — hot sauce hasn't kept them away.
Out of love and necessity, Stuart has become a country-music historian. "People were throwing things away," he says. "I just took it as a family matter."