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BNP Paribas pleaded guilty to violating U.S. sanctions law. It admitted that it helped clients in Sudan and other countries evade U.S. trade embargoes through its New York office.
Research indicates that black holes are more common than astronomers previously thought. (This piece initially aired on August 7, 2013, on All Things Considered).
The Muslim Caliphate has not existed since the 13th century. Renee Montagne talks to historian Juan Cole, who believes this is a grandiose claim that history shows is doomed for failure.
Funeral ceremonies are planned Tuesday for the three slain Israeli teenagers abducted earlier this month. Israel blames the Palestinian militant group Hamas for the murders.
The barbecue sauce concocted with the help of Watson contains a dozen ingred...
The supercomputer first showed off its intellectual prowess on Jeopardy. Now after analyzing a massive number of recipes, Watson has come up with its own sauce.
The U.S. plays Belgium in the World Cup Tuesday. And to show support, someone came up with the idea to boycott Belgian waffles.