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Billionaire Paul Allen's new institute in Seattle will examine how the cells in your body work — and how and why they malfunction, leading to tumors, Alzheimer's and other diseases.
An MIT economist was recorded saying that without the "stupidity of the American voter," the Affordable Care Act wouldn't have passed. Those comments, and others he made, have put it at serious risk.
Owner Chris Hughes says his shakeup of the magazine aims to create a sustainable means for its commentary and long-form political profiles, but departing journalists see his plan as destructive.
In "Still Alice," Julianne Moore has each thing that defines her — to herself, to her family — devoured by early-onset Alzheimer's disease. It's a splendid performance, says critic Kenneth Turan.
When a season is lost, some teams will take it easy their last few games — or the last 82, if it's the Philadelphia 76ers — in hopes of securing a better draft pick. But not this NFL cellar-dweller.
After an officer pulled her over, an elderly woman on a road trip to see her ailing son accidentally backed into the cop's car. So police gave her a lift — to her son, four counties away.