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In our Streets of Shanghai series, we hear about Charles who met his wife through a social networking app. The couple consulted a fortune teller before tying the knot.
If Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine want a viable economy in their regions, they'll need Mariupol as a seaport.
Andrew the "Hamburglar" Hammond is a goalie for the Ottawa Senators, and he's on a winning streak. David Greene talks to Roy MacGregor, a columnist for Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper.
The University of Oklahoma student seen in a video leading the fraternity in a racist chant has publicly apologized. Levi Pettit met with black clergy and other community members to say he was wrong.
A small group of advocates has been working for years to overhaul the criminal justice system — to dial back long sentences for drug crimes, and let nonviolent inmates out of prison early.
The Islamist group Boko Haram has recently been pushed out of villages and towns in northern Nigeria. Renee Montagne talks to Adam Nossiter, the West Africa bureau chief for The New York Times.