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The competitive school district has seen four students take their own lives since October. One junior talks about reactions to the deaths, the pressures students face and her hopes for the future.
The Amiri Red Sea was one of many boats ferrying refugees, including some Am...
War in Yemen has trapped hundreds of Americans there. We hear from two Yemeni-Americans, a mother and daughter from Michigan, as they arrive in nearby Djibouti, having fled the conflict.
A Maryland couple made national headlines after Child Protective Services investigated them for letting their children walk home from a park alone. Now, other parents are staging a defiant protest in support.
The Oxford English Dictionary is hoping to fill a void in the non-gender conforming community by introducing the gender-neutral title "Mx."
On a soccer field in a suburb of the South African city of Durban, around 1,200 people are living in a hastily constructed transit camp for foreign workers. It's government-run but conditions are basic.
A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the NSA's bulk collection of phone data is illegal. Meanwhile, Congress is debating the fate of the Patriot Act. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to House Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte.