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Iran marked the anniversary of its revolution last week, and it opened an international tourism exhibition. Iran wants to welcome more tourists, a challenge for a country that's wary of outsiders.
Authorities are investigating what caused a freight train hauling crude oil to derail and explode into flames. The rail cars that ruptured were newer tankers designed to be more puncture resistant.
Savor fish are a staple for penguins. Researchers say the birds' ability to taste umami disappeared more than 20 million years ago.
Applications for expanded deportation protections are on hold temporarily while the White House appeals a federal court ruling. Some states challenged the executive actions that extended protections.
The self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS, appears to be popping up across the Middle East and beyond. Is ISIS growing in strength or is something else taking place?
Gallup has released its list of the most Democratic and most Republican states in the nation. We'll look at which states made the list and why.