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Deborah Sathe, head of talent development and production for Film London's Microwave project, talks with NPR's Arun Rath about the project's efforts to recruit and mentor diverse filmmakers.
A rebel fighter takes aim during a training session in Eastern al-Ghouta, a ...
Russia is proposing peace talks in Moscow, and the U.S. seems to be backing the idea, but some opposition groups resist cooperating with a country that's been backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
This weekend's playoff games will decide who goes on to the Super Bowl, and who just watches it. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Howard Bryant of and ESPN Magazine about the lineup.
Nothing worse than being bulled in school, especially if you're a fish. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Dr. Martin Haulena from the Vancouver Aquarium about a fish that was picked on by schoolmates.
World attention has been focused on terrorism in Paris, but meanwhile Boko Haram has murdered thousands just this month. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with journalist Alex Perry about the Nigerian group.
Australian comedian Barry Humphries as legendary housewife Dame Edna Everage...
Housewife and superstar Dame Edna Everage is the creation of Australian comedian Barry Humphries. Edna has just launched her U.S. farewell tour so she'll be playing a game called "I won't be back!"