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Syfy's Wizard Wars is a reality series featuring a new team of magicians eac...
SyFy's new show has up-and-coming magicians compete for cash by creating illusions out of ordinary objects. Angela Funovits is a mentalist, a dermatologist — and one of the show's expert "wizards."
After a hiring freeze caused by a budget crisis, New Orleans is now struggli...
The city is losing about 100 officers a year to retirements and resignations. To beef up the force, New Orleans is speeding up background checks and relaxing some requirements for the job.
Government forces and pro-Russian separatists are fighting for control. In Berlin, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine met to try to figure out a way to stop the fighting.
The entry to Graceland Too, like the rest of the house, is jampacked with El...
The home of Paul MacLeod — with its Elvis shrine and offbeat owner — drew tourists to the postcard town of Holly Springs, Miss. Now, a tragedy has left the town reeling and debating the home's fate.
Jason Purnell, of Washington University in St. Louis, is the lead author of a report on the well-being of African-Americans around St. Louis, which found the quality of life varied widely by location.
In September, the $2.4 billion Revel Casino will shut down for good in Atlantic City. The casino has gone bankrupt twice, but what will become of its 3,200 employees when its doors finally close?