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Thousands of ethnic Muslims known as Rohingya are fleeing persecution in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. They cross into southern Thailand or take to boats on the Andaman Sea.
Mike Capko took his family to the ballpark for Mother's Day. He caught the foul ball as it flew straight for them. He snatched the ball one-handed with the baby still on his chest.
A West Virginia man tried to rob a pharmacy. He brought along a can of pepper spray to immobilize the staff. He sprayed a cloud of the stuff. Then he was overcome by it himself.
Kamasi Washington's new album is called The Epic....
The Los Angeles jazz saxophonist ended up on the latest records by rapper Kendrick Lamar and EDM producer Flying Lotus. His new three-CD recording is no less ambitious.
Captain Roger Moseley sits on the wing of an A-37 attack aircraft at Bien Ho...
A young Air Force captain thought his career was over. Instead, he was invited to join a stealth program — and told, "You've got 30 seconds and if you don't say yes, this conversation never happened."
Yemen's Houthi rebels agreed Sunday to a five-day cease-fire. Meanwhile, fighting rages on as Saudi-led warplanes continue to pound both northern Yemen and the capital.