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Rachel Portman was the first female composer to win an Oscar, for her work on Emma. She talks to Robert Siegel about the process of setting the scene with music — without overdoing it.
A New York Stock Exchange trader works on the floor on Dec. 17. Stocks rose ...
Early in 2014, the economy was floored by the polar vortex — plus, businesses and consumers were dazed by a government shutdown and debt limit fight. But it rebounded, and analysts are optimistic.
An aspiring writer who has fled the civil war is now adjusting to life in Sweden. She longs for home, but for now receives the assistance she needs — housing, language courses, transportation.
Susan Tannewitz-Karnes grew up eating Mrs. Lawrence every Christmas. The tea...
For one family in Overland Park, Kan., it's not Christmas without Mrs. Lawrence. The tea cake, rich with butter and spices, is named for the neighbor who would hand deliver it every holiday season.
Sony's release of The Interview via streaming Internet services and in theaters at the same time is unprecedented for a major studio film and raises questions about the economics of future releases.
One-click shopping is changing the ways people shop and retailers sell their wares. But some online retailers are opening physical stores — some of which last as short as a day.