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NPR's Audie Cornish talks to prosecutor Marty Stroud, who put Glenn Ford on death row for the 1983 murder of a jeweler in Shreveport, La. Ford was recently released after nearly 30 years in prison.
On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether to allow Texas to refuse a personalized license plate design featuring the Confederate flag.
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Jessica Bennett, contributor to The New York Times, about Monica Lewinsky's efforts to rebrand herself as an anti-cyberbullying activist.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill basketball fans storm the court af...
Authors Jay Smith and Mary Willingham explain how the school steered athletes to pass-through courses in order to keep players eligible.
Johnny Reynolds ignored diabetes symptoms and put off going to the doctor fo...
Researchers say their study suggests more diabetes is being detected among poor people in some states because, thanks to Medicaid, more poor people are now able to get tested and afford care.
John Hargrove, a trainer who spent 14 years working with orcas, mostly at Se...
John Hargrove says he left SeaWorld after seeing "devastating effects of captivity" on orcas. His new book is Beneath The Surface. SeaWorld disputes such claims and says it treats whales with respect.