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NPR's Lynn Neary speaks with Loudon Wainwright III about his new album, Haven't Got the Blues Yet. It deals with death and heartbreak and guns — but always with a sense of humor.
NPR's Lynn Neary talks to Joseph O'Neill about his new novel, The Dog. Its protagonist, reeling from a breakup, escapes from New York to Dubai, only to find its not the fresh start he'd hoped for.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was expected to cruise to victory in next Tuesday's Democratic primary. But he faces a surprisingly vigorous challenge from the left.
Marquis Govan of St. Louis got interested in politics by going along with hi...
The sixth-grader loves politics, admires some lawmakers and speaks without notes before the county council. "The people of Ferguson," he told them, "don't need tear gas ... I believe they need jobs."
Peikwen Cheng; Praying from the Lost and Found Series, 2010....
China's largest fair devoted to fine art photography opened in Shanghai this weekend. The first-time event includes more than 500 works from photographers around the world.
"Earth outweighs us by a factor of over ten trillion," Munroe writes. "On av...
In a new book, Randall Munroe — creator of the web comic xkcd and a former NASA roboticist — tackles pressing questions like What would happen if all of humanity jumped at once in Rhode Island?