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State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is the lead author of the right-to-work bill, wh...
Scott Walker now says he will support a type of law that he told voters would not happen on his watch. The new bill would ban private sector employee union dues, but not those of other union workers.
French authorities have launched an investigation after a number of small drones have been seen flying illegally above various landmarks in Paris recently.
Edmonton, Alberta, spends five months a year below freezing. Now, the Canadian city is considering a proposal to create a 7-mile skating trail for Edmontonians to use during their winter commutes.
Lina Ejeilat helped found the Jordanian online magazine 7iber (pronounced 'H...
The government says free expression can combat radicalization. Yet a military court recently sentenced a man to 18 months in prison for a Facebook post deemed insulting to the United Arab Emirates.
From the tent city it's set up in, to a judge banning defense lawyers from mentioning a former CIA interpreter's having appeared before all of them, the war court in Guantanamo Bay borders on surreal.
Customers wait to collect money at the Juba Express money transfer company i...
Regulations intended to block money from getting to terrorist groups has led the last bank that handles most money transfers from the United States to Somalia to pull out of the business.