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Mary Johnson spoke with Oshea Israel at StoryCorps in Minneapolis....
As a teen, Oshea Israel killed another young man at a party. Years later, as the end of his prison time approached, Israel met the mother of the man he murdered — and earned her forgiveness.
Seventy years ago this week, in the New Mexico desert, U.S. Army scientists detonated the first atom bomb. NYU physics professor Benjamin Bederson was among those who worked on the Manhattan Project.
Purple lightning strikes a New Mexico corn field on May 29. You don't have t...
Deaths in the U.S. from lightning strikes are up in 2015, compared to recent years. A convertible won't save you. Get inside at the first rumble of thunder, and stay away from plugged-in appliances.
Many towns hold festivals to celebrate a famed native son or daughter, or its dominant agricultural product. In Berezniki, Russia, they celebrate mosquitoes — partly by getting bitten by them. A lot.
A Colorado bakery recently found itself relieved of 24 pies in an overnight heist. But the ursine rapine left one type of tart behind.
Jurors convicted James Holmes in the 2012 attack on a movie theater that left 12 people dead and dozens wounded. They must now decide whether he should be executed or sentenced to life in prison.