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Dr. Martin Salia died at Nebraska Medical Center after being evacuated from Sierra Leone, where he worked as a surgeon in several hospitals. Mourners gathered at 1 of the hospitals where he worked.
One challenge in evaluating the effectiveness of different medical procedures, is that patients behave differently after different procedures. Is this true for patients getting heart surgery?
Police carried out a court order and peacefully cleared a small section of democracy protesters in downtown. But the bulk of the protest camp remains. The city's protests are nearly 2 months old.
The century old daily has asked for volunteers in the newsroom after a cost-cutting change in distributors. The job description for reporters, in addition to reporting, distribute up to 600 papers.
Since residents couldn't stop the annual march, officials had it sponsored. For every mile the Nazis marched, companies donated to a support group for neo-Nazis who want out.
A tangle of protein (green) in this scanning electron micrograph of a brain ...
Faulty forms of the brain protein tau trigger tangles inside and outside brain cells of Alzheimer's patients. Scientists say figuring out how to stop bad tau's spread from cell to cell might be key.