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The Supreme Court has made it much more difficult for governments at every level to regulate signs. And in a separate decision, the court gave states free rein over what may be put on license plates.
HBO's True Detective returns for its second season on Sunday. It has a new cast, setting and story. Our TV critic says the new episodes should have retained a bit more of what worked from last season.
British classical pianist Paul Lewis was heading into rehearsal when a seagull dove at him. He ducked, stumbled and put out a hand to break his fall. He sprained a finger, and will miss a festival.
A touchdown ball from the AFC championship is being sold. The New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts — accused of deflating footballs to gain advantage. The ball now is properly inflated.
Once a staple of county fairs nationwide, bird shows have been cancelled this year amid the avian flu outbreak. But instead of giving up, some groups are getting creative with alternative events.
TV Anchor Brian Williams will not be returning to the NBC Nightly News. He's officially being replaced by Lester Holt. Williams will move to cable on MSNBC.