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Police in Toledo tried to stop a car early Wednesday but the vehicle sped away. After circling the Toledo Correctional Institution, the driver ran over a row of metal spikes — puncturing all 4 tires.
When asked about details of her contract, Brooke Pancake, 24, couldn't say exactly how much Waffle House was paying her — but she's definitely bringing home the bacon.
Robert Siegel speaks with Professor James "Bud" Robertson about his campaign to help his home state of Virginia find its missing state song.
In his State of the Union address, President Obama said he still believed in a United America — one that wasn't divided into red and blue camps. But the reaction to his speech, from both camps, was anything but united.
Robert Siegel talks to Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona for his reaction to the State of the Union.
The spectre of civil war and chaos hangs over Yemen's capitol. Robert Siegel talks with Brookings Institute scholar Ibrahim Sharqieh about the dynamics in this poor and troubled nation.