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Gail Sheehy's previous books include The Man Who Changed the World: The Live...
Gail Sheehy is famous for her in-depth profiles of influential people, as well as her 1976 book on common adult life crises. Now she turns her eye inward, in her new memoir Daring: My Passages.
Jennifer Hudson's new album is titled JHUD....
The Oscar and Grammy Award-winning R&B singer says her new album, JHUD, has more energy than her previous ballad-heavy albums, and expresses more of her "everyday person."
Mammuthus columbi, the Columbian mammoth, used to be common in America, but ...
The skeleton lay buried in a gravel pit for tens of thousands of years. This week, paleontologists carefully transported the last and largest section to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
Germany has chosen not to arm Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS. NPR's Arun Rath talks to German Ambassador to the United States Peter Wittig about what led to the decision.
NPR's Arun Rath talks to Gyude Moore, deputy chief of staff to Liberia's president, who recently wrote a passionate open letter appealing for urgent help to aid those suffering from Ebola in Monrovia.
It's been a rough couple of weeks for the NFL and the entire sport of football. What are fans and parents of young football players thinking and saying about the sport they love?