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After a hiring freeze caused by a budget crisis, New Orleans is now struggli...
The city is losing about 100 officers a year to retirements and resignations. To beef up the force, New Orleans is speeding up background checks and relaxing some requirements for the job.
Government forces and pro-Russian separatists are fighting for control. In Berlin, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine met to try to figure out a way to stop the fighting.
The entry to Graceland Too, like the rest of the house, is jampacked with El...
The home of Paul MacLeod — with its Elvis shrine and offbeat owner — drew tourists to the postcard town of Holly Springs, Miss. Now, a tragedy has left the town reeling and debating the home's fate.
Jason Purnell, of Washington University in St. Louis, is the lead author of a report on the well-being of African-Americans around St. Louis, which found the quality of life varied widely by location.
In September, the $2.4 billion Revel Casino will shut down for good in Atlantic City. The casino has gone bankrupt twice, but what will become of its 3,200 employees when its doors finally close?
Lincoln, Neb., is home to a sizable group of Iraqi Yazidis, members of the minority group being persecuted in Iraq. One of them, Sulaiman Murad, describes the agony of watching the crisis from afar.