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Jim Nepstad, superintendent of Effigy Mounds National Monument in northeast ...
National Park Service officials approved $3 million in illegal construction projects over a decade that damaged one of the nation's most sacred American Indian burial sites in northeast Iowa.
The Fairfax County 911 Center in Virginia takes calls during Hurricane Sandy...
If you call 911 from inside a tall building, emergency responders may have difficulty finding you. Cellphone GPS technology currently doesn't work well indoors — but the FCC hopes to change that.
After deleting tweets from a Hong Kong protest site, Kenny G said he was "no...
The saxophone superstar, hugely popular in mainland China, walked into a mine field in Hong Kong. Selfies with demonstrators sparked a response from the government — and Kenny G took down the tweets.
In previous generations, manufacturing jobs were dirty, dangerous and low-skill. The new factory jobs are almost all clean, require increasingly higher skills and take very few people to do them. Old manufacturing center South Bend, Ind., is one place you can get a glimpse of this change.
Canadian police have lifted a lockdown in Ottawa, one day after a gunman killed a soldier at a war memorial and then stormed the city's Parliament building. Steve Inskeep gets the latest developments from NPR's Jackie Northam.
The idea of a "trophy wife" is common in popular culture: Attractive young women trade beauty for status by "marrying up" and finding wealthy husbands. NPR's Shankar Vedantam questions whether the belief is a real phenomenon.