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For years, an anonymous Syrian group has been posting short, simple films on the Internet featuring people opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But their films feature Syrians with every point of view, even including some who support the Assad regime. And they rarely show Syria's destruction or images of death. Charif Kiwan, a spokesperson for the group, calls such depictions undignified.
A cement truck tipped over in Brooklyn this week, sending cement flowing all over the street. One man took advantage of the situation, shoveling the spillage to fill an especially annoying pothole.
Journalist Owen Williams thinks he's found the right way to hang toilet paper. He tweeted a picture of the first TP patent. The drawings, from 1891, show the paper clearly hanging over the roll.
NPR's Don Gonyea interviews Steven Greenhouse, a former labor reporter for The New York Times, about the AFL-CIO's freeze on Democratic contributions in the lead-up to a key U.S. trade policy vote.
A growing number of small business owners are holding down costs by trying out a concept called "retail space sharing," where one retailer partners up with another to share space and customers.
The strength of Hillary Clinton's standing in the presidential contest is clouding a left-right divide within the national Democratic Party.