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The U.S. says it's not coordinating its attacks on ISIS with the Syrian regime. But opponents to Syrian President Bashar Assad worry that he's benefitting from the U.S. air campaign.
ISIS is looting, destroying and illicitly trafficking antiquities out of Iraq and Syria. Rachel Martin talks with Michael Danti, a professor of archaeology at Boston University.
The World Health Organization is enthusiastic about "convalescent serum," which comes from the blood of people who have survived Ebola. But it's unclear how well it could work.
The new law requires all California colleges and universities to have policies about consent during sex, saying a student needs "affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement" from their partner.
Thousands of protesters in Hong Kong are calling for free elections. Many spent Sunday night camped out on the streets after police fired tear gas and used batons to try to disperse them.
President Barack Obama hosts India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a White House dinner Monday night. On Tuesday, they will hold a summit aimed at re-invigorating U.S.-Indian relations.