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Nowhere to Call Home which follows the struggles of a Tibetan migrant in Beijing, has been quietly making the rounds in China. It has not been banned by the Communist Party.
A section of Paris, which is known for its picturesque parks and artistic community, was also home to the gunmen in last week's terror attack. Renee Montagne talks to Miriam Benraad, a French scholar.
A bestselling comic book creator in Jordan has been asked to help qualm extremism. Now that Jordan has joined the coalition against the self-styled Islamic State, or ISIS, extremism may rise further.
A new concert hall known as the Philharmonie de Paris opened in the 19th arrondissement on Wednesday. French President Francois Hollande attended the opening night concert.
A startup in Australia is in the revenge business. For $10, it will send a person who offended you an envelope full of glitter, along with a note explaining what the person did to deserve it.
A Canadian man needed to go on a trip with a woman named Elizabeth Gallagher so he could use his ex-girlfriend's ticket. The two say they are just friends.