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Spain's northeast region of Catalonia wants to hold an independence vote. But Spain's highest court has blocked a vote planned for November — making it illegal to continue organizing the referendum.
A youth detention center in Nashville is making news because of riots and breakouts. Advocates point to Missouri as an exemplary model. There, the atmosphere can feel more like summer camp than jail.
Lawmakers will question Secret Service Director Julia Pierson on how a man was able to jump the White House fence, cross the lawn and get into the White House before being stopped by agents.
Michigan has an open seat because Democrat Carl Levin is retiring. GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land is running a low-key campaign. Democratic Rep. Gary Peters leads in polls, but the race is close.
According to a 2013 Pew Research Center study, nearly a fourth of millennial Jews are keeping kosher. That's almost twice the rate of their baby boomer parents.
Police near Albany, N.Y., lost an ex-con in a high speed chase. In the end, vanity — as well as a K-9 unit was his undoing. It was dark, but a strong scent wafted through the morning air.