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Despite his liberal bona fides and campaign objections, President Obama's foreign policy decisions look very much like those of his predecessors.
A decade ago, Benjamin Busch was the provisional U.S. military mayor of a town called Jassan, near the Iranian border. On his recent return, he found a far different, sadder, more frustrated place.
Existing black-market structures have helped the Islamic State convert oil into cash - and their customers have included their ardent foes across borders in Turkey and Southern Iraq.
One expert says that the negotiators in the room are inclined to move faster, but the deeply opposed domestic constituencies leave both sides skittish.
This nearly NFL-free segment also covers the anti-Jeter jeering and yet another FIFA scandal.
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank regularly makes banned book lists, b...
Pick up a banned book. Look for the scenes and language that once made people blush. Do those sections still have the power to make you gasp?