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More and more Americans are pursuing graduate degrees in Germany, where tuition is often free and many classes are taught in English.
Staff Sgt. Patricia King, who has been in the Army for 16 years, says she de...
Being openly transgender is officially prohibited in the Army, but Staff Sgt. Patricia (formerly Peter) King says her support system at work "has been absolutely amazing" during her transition.
Adonal Foyle (center) plays for the Orlando Magic against the Milwaukee Buck...
Adonal Foyle has financial advice for professional athletes. "You really have to put money in its proper place," he says. "If we do that, we will respect it — but not give it too much power over us."
Bilal's latest album is In Another Life....
Soul, jazz, hip-hop and a complex mix of themes all have their moment on Bilal's new album, but there's one unifying constant: an old-school production style.
Some opponents of same-sex marriage are vowing to fight on after Friday's Supreme Court ruling. The battles will likely take place in the lower courts and will involve religious liberty cases.
California lawmakers have decided to tighten the criteria for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children. But some parents resent officials telling them how to care for their children.